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User Guides: Subject Guides

The Subject Guide, also called Research Guide is a kind of map to the resources of the library; it is an information locator for the library user whose search for recorded materials on a subject of interest is just beginning. Advancing technology requires libraries to explore innovative ways of providing outreach to users. With users who need everything as quickly as possible, perhaps guides that have only electronic resources with one-click access to these resources are all that is necessary. With immediacy as a priority, numerous clicks and decisions for the user to make are far less than ideal

How to access Subject Guides

From the Busitema University Library home page

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Scroll down the page - slightly in the middle of the page - look under the “How do I find …?” and click on the link “Subject Guides



Access the Busitema University’s Subject Guides by following the guide available at


To access the Busitema University Library Subject Guide, follow the Link

Front end of the Subject Guide


Subject Guides Content

Subject guides encompass a broad range of terms and content possibilities (see figure 3(b) above). The selection of the subject terms requires a clear goal and understanding of the information-seeking behavior of the users. The materials to include in the subject guide will include: reference, journals, databases, Internet resources, career information, evaluative resources, professional associations, and citation style information. Emphasis shall be put to both print and electronic materials. Print materials shall be linked to the library catalogue.


Activity Workplan

Implementation of the Course Reserves and Subject Guide will follow as follows: Download the Activity Workplan