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User Guide: Clearing with the Library

We have come to the end of Semester II of the Academic Year 2020/2021. This serves to remind all final year students that come for library clearance to:

  1. Carry with them evidence to show proof of submitting their final signed copy of their research reports/ dissertation into the Institutional Repository to the librarian. See instructions of how to submit your dissertation/ Research Report
  2. Return all borrowed books to the library - please carry your student ID which the librarian will use to check against your student account to confirm that you don't have any unreturned or overdue books on your account. The librarian will guide you on the procedure to take in case you have unreturned or overdue books;
  3. Return all the book borrower cards - please carry with you the two (2) library borrower cards that you received during your first library registration. These cards are a property of the library and form part of the evidence that you don't have with you any books borrowed;

As well note that:

  1. Library clearance is done at the respective Campus Libraries and during the library open hours. You need not to travel to Busitema Campus to clear with the library.
  2. Library clearance is done by the library staff at the Reference desk. Should you get challenges, always seek guidance from the Campus Librarian.
  3. Busitema University Library wishes you the best in you're career and should you need any support from us visit the University Library website for any news and you can contact us.