Service Title
Information and Reference Sevices

Get our reference sevices via the following avenues;

Reference Desk; Busitema University Library likely has a dedicated reference desk or service point where users can seek assistance in person. Librarians and library staff stationed at the reference desk are available to help users with their research inquiries, finding relevant resources, and navigating the library's collections.

Virtual Reference Services; To make reference assistance more accessible, the library offers virtual reference services, such as:

Email Support; Users can send research questions or inquiries via, and library staff will respond with guidance and relevant resources.

Chat Services: The library  has a chat service available on its website(Ask a Librarian) and its a dedicated chat platform. Users can chat with librarians in real-time to get immediate help.

Online Resources; The library's website provides online resources to assist users in their research endeavors

Research Guides; The library has created subject-specific research guides that offer recommendations for databases, journals, and other resources related to particular fields of study.

Library Hours;Typically, reference services are available during the library's operating hours. The libray is open from Monday to sunday 

Personalized Research Consultations; For more in-depth research needs, library users can often schedule one-on-one consultations with librarians. During these consultations, librarians can provide tailored guidance and assistance for specific research projects.

Outreach and Workshops; The library regularly organize workshops and outreach programs to enhance information literacy skills amongour Students. These sessions can help users become more proficient in conducting research and utilizing library resources.

Online Catalog and Databases; Users can access the library's catalog at and digital databases to search for books, articles, and other materials relevant to their research. Librarians are always available to assist users in effectively searching and retrieving these resources.

Reference Management Support; The library may offer guidance on reference management tools and citation styles to help users properly cite their sources.