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Busitema University Library received funding from the Engineering Information Foundation (EiF) of New York, United States. The grant focuses on enhancing communication and the use of information in engineering. Thus, the goal of this project is to incorporate information seeking in the engineering curriculum as an essential component in delivering engineering education at Busitema. This will be achieved through implementing a disciplinary-based information literacy e-curriculum for teaching engineering courses as a novel approach to online teaching and learning, where the responsibility for teaching engineering courses is shared between the lecturer and the librarian rather than being limited to the lecturers.


Through a series of five workshops and eight follow-up meetings during the July - October 2022 Semester, we hope to enhance the pedagogical skills of lecturers and librarians; and foster collaboration between lecturers and librarians when preparing e-courses, in organizing e-education content on the learning management system, and e-curriculum delivery. By the end of this project, we are certain that online learning for engineering students will receive higher approvals. Lecturers will be facilitators who empower students to become more autonomous; librarians will be the coaches who develop within students a capacity to evaluate and choose information; and in turn, engineering students will experience online teaching and learning that is more engaging, interesting, and rewarding.


By the end of this project, 13 Engineering programs will be reviewed to include disciplinary-based information literacy e-content; capacities of 47 engineering lecturers and 3 librarians in pedagogical skills developed and improved; 650 engineering students' information-seeking skills and academic writing improved, and an open toolkit for developing engineering-based IL curriculum is developed and shared on the Project Webpage.

Project PI: Dr. Fredrick Kiwuwa Lugya (Ph.D.)
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