Book Call Number Guide



Busitema University Faculty of science & Education (FSE) Camus library arranges books following the e Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) scheme which subdivides knowledge in 10 main subject classes.

The DDC scheme is used to assign Call Numbers which are used to organize and arrange books on the shelves.

The Dewey Decimal classification system groups together books on similar subjects by means of their class numbers. There are 10 main Dewey Decimal classifications classes as follows:

000              Computer Science, Information, & General Works    

100             Philosophy & Psychology    

200             Religion    

300             Social Sciences    

400             Language

500             Science

600             Technology (Applied sciences)

700             Arts & Recreation

800             Literature

900             History & Geography


At the FSE Campus Library, the DDC call number is made up of TWO elements which include the DDC class Number, and the Book Number.



372 SSE Where

372   is DDC class number for Primary Education (Elementary education)

SSE   is the Book number


658.8 KOT where:

658.8 is DDC class number for Marketing

KOT is Book Number