Get training on our Library systems 

Our library provides users with training on different library systems and applications. Users can book training sessions both as individuals and as groups for guidance in different areas.

The trainings may involve how to use our library systems such as the catalogue, the Institutional Repository, Our E resources, Bibliographic instruction, reference management, among others.

Specifically, the Library focuses on the information literacy levels of its patrons. The aim is to achieve maximum use of information resources through more information Literate users.

Being information literate means that you can identify when you need information, seek for information and effectively use the information to satisfy your information need.

The Science and Education Library (SEL) users both students and staff often require guidance in their academic and research engagements especially with information resources.

The FSE Library provides sessions for skilling users in information search and retrieval, evaluation, use and reuse so as to enable patrons effectively navigate the information landscape of the Busitema University library.

Such skilling sessions can take place as and when required by the library users during the Library Operational Hours. However, for purposes of planning and ensuring adequate service delivery, we encourage our users to book training sessions especially for group delivery.

Users can book Online and physical sessions with library staff between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm for physical sessions and 6.00pm to 8.00pm for online sessions Monday to Friday.


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