The SEL offers you adequate space for your  Research and Study

Whether you visit the Science & Education Library (SEL) to study, to do research, work, or just relax with a book, you will always find the space you need.

The available reading and study spaces in the SEL are intended for individual and quiet study and Research. Over 90 users can utilize our quiet reading spaces at a time. The seats are well distributed to allow for comfort and adequate spacing for research and private study.

There is no specific reading space for the different categories of users. Users can seat anywhere in the available reading space regardless of status.

Our reading and study areas have abundance of natural light which adds vitality and warmth to the library. 

The library spaces are noise free from both internal and external sources. With trees planted all around the library, our reading and study spaces are conducive with fresh air making the area a productive study space.

The library has been set up and organized to allow for convenience and utter absence of physical distraction. You can easily set up your reading place with your computer, books, and other instructional materials.

Space reservation services are currently unavailable and not recommended.

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