Trial Access to Lecturio – Medical Teaching Simplified

Busitema University has been granted a two weeks’ trial access to a digital medical platform called Lecturio. The trail access is effective from 16 th through 31 st July 2022. Lecturio gives you comprehensive access to pre-Medical, Pre-Clinical & Medical curricula in medicine and nursing. Besides health science disciplines, the multidisciplinary platform provides access to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics amongst others. The content includes: 12000 education videos, 30,000 Recall Questions , 7000 case question bank and over 1,300 textbook articles, 3D Anatomy models, pop up questions and clinical cases. Lecturio provides a customized set-up for both students and lecturers and is accessible through the phone using Android and iOS mobile Apps.

To access Lecturio, please visit and contact the Campus Librarian, Ms. Glorias Asiimwe for the login credentials (User Name and Password).

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