The DataCite and Open Scholarship workshop is organised by Busitema University Library with support from DataCite’s Global Access Fund (GAF). The Global Access Fund (GAF) was established to enable communities worldwide to make their research outputs discoverable. In this project: “Building a cohort of open scholarship trainers to boost adoption of DataCite open infrastructure services among the Consortium of Uganda University Libraries” Busitema University Library has developed and will deliver a five-day training trainers’ workshop to a cohort of librarians, ICT professionals, and research administrators selected from 76 Consortium of Uganda University Libraries members. The project aims to ignite a countrywide conversation on the benefits of open scholarship and open science and to increase awareness for integrating DataCite infrastructure services to make research discoverable.

International Open Access Week Celebrations, Monday 7 To Friday 11 Nov, 2022

Theme: Open with Purpose: developing an Open Access Policy & Institutional Repository Policy for Busitema University


While this Year’s OA theme is “Open for Climate Justice”, Busitema University has chosen the theme: Open with Purpose: developing an Open Access Policy & Institutional Repository Policy for Busitema University. The chosen theme aligns well with the current state of open access and is intended to achieve the goal - to develop a policy framework and digital infrastructure to open and allow unlimited access to research outputs, hence advancing the University’s mission “To provide inclusive high standard Training, quality research and outreach for industrialization and sustainable development” and contributing to the SDGs and UNESCO agenda of Open Science and Open Access. Specifically, our goal is to:

  1. Promote and advance increased awareness of Open Science (OS), Open Access (OA) and the contribution of the academics to digital archiving using the Institutional Repository (IR);
  2. Develop OA and IR policies through a collaborative and participatory effort involving academic staff. Interactive discussions will take place between Monday 7, 2022 and Thursday 10, November, 2022;
  3. To launch the Busitema University Knowledge Base (BU-Kb) – a central Web-based platform that brings together research teams to collectively and collaboratively work together on research projects despite their geographical disparity occasioned by the multi-campus model;
  4. To launch the Journal Management System (JMS) – a Web-based window of interaction allows exchange of research outputs among different players in the publishing process, including researchers/ authors, reviewers, editors, and collectors.

The Campus interactions shall be physical and will take place between Monday 7 to Thursday 10 th November 2022 while the closing event will be on Friday 11 th November, 2022 via Zoom.

Institutions, academics, researchers, librarians, administrators, policymakers, students and the entire University community is invited to contribute and participate in our quest for developing policies to guide our agenda of opening research and scholarship to the World.

Follow the navigation bar to the week long activities, the Friday closing ceremony and links to the draft open access policy and institutional repository policy. We do welcome your participation and comments to improve the draft policies. Send all your comments to - and cc to

At the climax of the celebrations will be on Friday November 11, 2022 during which which we shall launch:

  1. Busitema University Knowledge Base System,
  2. Busitema University Journal Management System, and
  3. presentation of the report of the draft of the OA & IR Policies.

While we would prefer your physical presence, we do welcome your attendance via a Zoom link during the closing event.

Celebrating the International Open Access Week @ Busitema University Library - 2021

Theme: It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Challenging Established Norms

Busitema University joined the rest of the World to celebrate the International Open Access Week which started on Monday 15th through Friday 19th November 2021. While the official celebrations were in the month of October, and the Open Access Week was Monday 25th through Friday 29th October, Busitema University Libraryheld her events when all the students had reported back to the University and the academic staff was less busy with teaching activities. Due to the Covid-19 assembly restrictions, the week-long celebrations had to be conducted via Zoom. The theme of the 2021 Open Access Week was “It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Building Structural Equity.” However, given the unique challenges that Busitema was facing and to match with the series of activities suggested, our theme was: "It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Challenging Established Norms". Every day we had a unique activity: Click to view daily activity description