Libraries serve as pivotal assets in students' Academic endeavors, granting access to invaluable resources crucial for research and learning. Yet, a significant number of students lack the necessary skills to fully exploit these resources for academic excellence. This is where library training sessions prove indispensable.

On the 22nd of February 2024, the Pallisa Campus Library conducted a training session for Undergraduate students. The session was led by Mr. Wejuli Joseph, the Campus Librarian.

The session's focus was to enlighten students about the various services offered by the library and their significant role in Academic enhancement. Mr. Wejuli Joseph provided students with valuable insights into the different electronic resources and facilities available at the library, emphasizing the importance of utilizing these resources effectively to achieve academic excellence.

The Undergraduate students found the training session to be highly enriching, and it enabled them to gain a deeper appreciation for the library's critical role in their academic journey. The session helped them understand how to navigate the library's vast resources and how to use them effectively to enhance their research and learning.

Library training sessions offer various benefits to Graduate students. Here are some of the reasons why attending these sessions is essential:

1. Gain a deeper understanding of library resources: Library training sessions provide students with an opportunity to learn about the different resources available and how to utilize them effectively. This knowledge is crucial in enhancing their academic performance.

2. Learn how to conduct effective research: Libraries offer a wealth of information that can aid in research. Attending training sessions helps students understand how to conduct research effectively, including how to use the library's databases, search engines, and other research tools.

3. Access to expert guidance: Library training sessions are usually led by experienced librarians who are knowledgeable about the library's resources and services. Students can access expert guidance and ask questions that can help them better understand how to utilize the library effectively.

In conclusion, library training sessions are essential for Undergraduate students who seek to excel academically. These sessions not only provide access to valuable resources but also equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to utilize them effectively. As such, attending library training sessions should be a priority for all graduate students.