The Complosome as Orchestrator of Normal Cell Physiology by Prof. Claudia Kemper NHLBI/NIH, USA

Prof. Claudia Kemper from the NHLBI/NIH, USA explains a multimedia lecture titled "The Complosome as Orchestrator of Normal Cell Physiology" in 67 minutes, and explores the emerging roles of the Complosome in cell metabolism and physiology. Prof. Claudia Kemper discusses the traditional role of liver-derived and serum-circulating complement in innate immunity. It then delves into the unexpected discovery of cell-autonomous complement expression and its intracellular activities, which have been identified as fundamental drivers of normal cell metabolism. Perturbations in intracellular complement, referred to as the Complosome, are associated with various human diseases. The lecture emphasizes the importance of understanding these novel and non-canonical roles of the Complosome for developing new therapeutic interventions. For further details, watch a video