Take note of the following

  • Always present a Valid University Student ID at the Entrance
  • Power failure (Generator is available )- but always carry a torch
  • New developments in the Library are posted on the Notice Boards, on the library's news page and shared on all Official Social Media Outlets
  • The Library is under 24/7 Security Surveillance. Never attempt to steal, hide, tear or mutilate library materials
  • Do not litter chewing gums and other wastes on the floor
  • Eating and smoking are prohibited in the library
  • Foods & drinks are consumed in the University Dinning Hall
  • Open Door Policy – You’re welcome to the Office of the UL
  • Return Books before they are Due
  • Don not use mobile phones in the library – keep it in silent
  • Reservations of seats is not allowed
  • Handle books with care – You will be charged for damaged books
  • For details read the Library Operations Manual
  • Please help us to preserve Library books. Do not use highlighters, pens, pencils etc. to underline or put any mark in books/print materials
  • Removing, folding and wetting pages is NOT allowed
  • Report to Library staff damages such as torn or loose pages in documents
  • The Library has few computers compared to the number of students, therefore, be considerate
  • Library computers are used for academic work such as accessing online journals, books, online catalogue, DDS and graphics
  • Students should not abuse the ICT facilities e.g. by putting passwords on the computers, playing music and games, watching pornography, plugging out, stealing computer accessories e.g. Mouse, cables and mouse pads
  • First-come first-served basis – Your required to Register
  • Each student is allocated two hours
  • Report any wrong doing to the Lab. Staff and/or the Reference Desk
  • Registered students in groups of 10 and above can request for training in the use of ICT facilities
  • No discussions are allowed in the Learning Center. Discussions are held in Group Study Rooms
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