Busitema University Library

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Busitema University Library emerged from the amalgamation of the collections from the two founding Colleges in September 2007 - the National College of Agricultural Mechanisations, currently the Engineering Library at Busitema; and the National Teachers College, which is the Science and Education Library at Nagongera. Prior to the opening of the Busitema University on 3rd October, 2007, there were two Faculties then - the Faculty of Engineering at Busitema Campus and the Faculty of Science and Education at Nagongera Campus. Today, there are six (6) Faculties, and thus six (6) Campus Libraries


The Distinctive Signifier of Excellence in the provision of library and information services in Africa


The University Library supports teaching, learning, innovation, and community engagement at Busitema University through signifying excellence in the provision of World-Class library services that support the intellectual life of the University

Guiding Values
  • Demonstrate Quality and Value which encompasses professionalism and academic independence
  • Exceed User Expectations thus retain user loyalty, which encompasses Customer responsiveness
  • Allegiance to Busitema University
  • Readiness to learn, reflecting openness to diversity