image Busitema University Maritime Institute (BUMI) was established during the Financial Year 2020-2021 through a Supplementary Budget. BUMI was established at Namasagali Campus, under the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.

Establishment of the Library

The Library Unit was established in the renovated office building for Maritime Institute. This was done during Quarter 2 of the Financial Year 2022-2023. Four (4) Book shelves were received from Busitema Campus and installed in the Library Space.

Information Resources

The Library Unit has so far received 340 volumes specifically in the areas of Marine Engineering and Marine Sciences, including 70 reference textbooks (Dictionaries, Manuals and Encyclopaedias).


There is only 1 Staff member, the Senior Librarian.

ICT Equipment

The Institute Library is using Internet received from the Institute Router, however, there are no other ICT facilities (laptop, desktops).